Our Primary Objective

The primary objectives of our computer forensics division is to help serve our clients in obtaining electronic data from all forms of digital media regarding a specific object or activity. Our computer forensics specialists have the experience, knowledge and integrity needed to perform this type of investigation and to keep all findings secure and confidential at all times.

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  • Strong Evidences Capturing
  • Cyber Crime Expert Team
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  • Complete Cyber Investigations
  • Protect Privacy
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  • Complete Forensic Report

When you need professional computer forensics or electronic discovery services, you can’t afford anything less than the best

A computer forensic investigation involves the collection, preservation, and examination of various forms of digital media. This type of service involves an in-depth understanding of computer file systems, communication standards, along with thorough knowledge of proper procedure in handling sensitive information in order to hold up in a court of law if necessary

The Internet has allowed criminals to commit almost any illegal activity anywhere in the world causing monetary and non monetary losses to individuals, organizations and governmental entities. In order to tackle these new breed of cyber crimes, we at InfoSecIndia - Information Security India delivers comprehensive technical services to support domestic and international cyber crime investigations.

Over the years we have served wide variety of people and organizations with our cyber crime investigation service which includes businesses, companies, individuals, celebrities, executives, corporations, independent consultants and many more in India and across the globe.

With a staff comprised of the industry’s foremost computer forensics experts, Forensics leverages dozens of years of combined experience with excellent qualifications and top-tier data recovery laboratories. Our team is ready to give you superior options for electronic discovery, analysis, expert testimony, and more. We guide you through every step of the computer forensic process from the initial incident response to in-courtroom representation. Each of our team members has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to provide real results, and we offer services for all types of media..

After a complete report of the incident is made and the source of the attack can be identified, all the information obtained during the investigation process can be transmitted to law enforcement agencies to begin the legal process. The most common types of fraud and cyber crime incidents we investigate are:

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Forensic Investigation Service
  • Tracing Attacker
  • Fraudulent Transactions
  • Web Hijacking
  • Online Identity Theft
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Social Network Crime Investigation
  • Insider Attacks
  • E-mail Tracking
  • IP Tracking
  • Stock Manipulations
  • Credit Card Frauds
  • Computer Forensics
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Harassments and Stalking
  • Software Piracy
  • Net Extortion
  • Phishing
  • Financial Frauds