ICSA-Infosecindia Certified Security Analyst

The ECSA program takes the tools and techniques you learned in the InfoSecIndia Certified Ethical Hacker course (ICEH) and elevates your ability into full exploitation by teaching you how to apply the skills learned in ICEH by utilizing InfoSecIndia’s published penetration testing methodologies.

This course is part of the Information Security Track of InfoSecIndia. This is a “Professional” level course, with the InfoSecIndia Certified Ethical Hacker being the “Core” and the Licensed Penetration Tester being the “Master” level certification..

Why ICSA ?

The ICSA is a security credential like no other! The ICSA course provides you with a real world hands-on penetration testing experience and is a globally accepted hacking and penetration testing class available that covers the testing of modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments while teaching the students how to document and write a penetration testing report.

What will you learn?

The Infosecindia Certified Security Analyst (ICSA) is a security credentials like no other security analyzer! The ICSA course provides you with a real world scenarios

  • 1. Security Analysis and Penetration Testing Concept
  • 2. TCP IP Packet Analysis
  • 3. Penetration Testing Steps
  • 4. Footprinting Methodology
  • 5. Various Vulnerability Analysis
  • 6. External Network Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 7. Internal Network Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 8. Firewall Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 9. IDS Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 10. Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 11. SQL Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 12. Database Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 13. Wireless Network Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 14. Mobile Devices Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 15. Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology
  • 16. Report Writing and Post Test Actions
  • 17. Password Cracking Penetration Testing
  • 18. Router and Switches Penetration Testing
  • 19. Denial-of-Service Penetration Testing
  • 20. Stolen Laptop, PDAs and Cell Phones Penetration Testing
  • 21. Source Code Penetration Testing
  • 22. Physical Security Penetration Testing
  • 23. Surveillance Camera Penetration Testing
  • 24. VoIP Penetration Testing
  • 25. VPN Penetration Testing
  • 26. Virtual Machine Penetration Testing
  • 27. War Dialing
  • 28. Virus and Trojan Detection
  • 29. Log Management Penetration Testing
  • 30. File Integrity Checking
  • 31. Telecommunication and Broadband Communication Penetration Testing
  • 32. Email Security Penetration Testing
  • 33. Security Patches Penetration Testing
  • 34. Data Leakage Penetration Testing
  • 35. SAP Penetration Testing
  • 36. Standards and Compliance
  • 37. Information System Security Principles
  • 38. Information System Incident Handling and Response
  • 39. Information System Auditing and Certification
  • 40. Advanced Technology Developed by InfoSecIndia

Target Audience

Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, Network Server Administrators, Firewall Administrators, Security Testers, System Administrators and Risk Assessment Professionals.

Training Duration

64 Hours.

Fast Track :8 Days (10am - 6pm)
Regular Track: Weekend Days(8 weeks)


The Infosecindia Certified Security Analyst exam 601-001 may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online exam to receive ICSA certification.

Exam Details

Exam Title: ICESA- Infosecindia Certified Security Analyst
Exam Code: 601-001 (ISI EXAM)
Number of Questions: 180
Duration: 6 hours (360 Min)
Availability: InfoSecIndia Prime, ISIEXAM Portal
Test Format: Multiple Choice & Challenge Base
Passing Score: 70%
Note : Students need to pass the online exam to receive ICSA certification.

Benefits of ICSA

  • Experience Pen-testing Trainer
  • Master in Pen Test field
  • Provide Update technology Training
  • New Pen Testing Tech. Developed by InfoSecIndia
  • Fulfill Client requirement

For Training Details

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  • Our Client

    Excellent syllabus designed by infosecidia to analyse a security vulnerability.

    Dhanashri Patil - Security Specialist, 4com pvt ltd.

  • Our Client

    The ICSA course has given me very important knowledge of Penetration testing and I am feel perfect and confident to analyse security.

    Sajay Kulkarni - Security Analyst, Infosolution.

  • Our Client

    Information Security India is one of best pentest training provider company. The ICSH course specialy for IT professional and security analyst.

    Digvijay Jadhav - Network Admin, Surya Motors

  • Our Client

    Amazing course, this course boosted my career and it helped me in a better work as a network engineer. I learned lot of new things which will definitely build my future career.

    Poonam Lagas - Network Security Engineer, InfoSecIndia Pvt. Ltd.t.

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